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Where those from far and wide can sit as one upon their butts to commune and escape the gut wrenching thing that is known as reality. A place of peace and chaos.
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 Rules & Regulations (of sorts)

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PostSubject: Rules & Regulations (of sorts)   Thu Jan 07, 2016 8:21 pm

1. Respect - Users are expected to respect all other users. Users may not attack, demean, or insult other users. This includes staff members.

- Harassment - Users are not allowed to harass other members. Harassment is defined as the action of targeting another individual repeatedly with messages or actions that intend to annoy, upset, disturb, or insult. Users can be reported for harassment if they continue communicating to an individual who has requested a termination of behaviors. Reports of user harassment are taken seriously by Staff and strict punishment may be dealt to accounts engaging in harassment.

- Discrimination - Complaints of discrimination are taken seriously. However, because of the complicated nature associated with discrimination, the Staff handles matters of discrimination on a case by case basis. If you feel you have been discriminated against, please report the incident to the Staff and an Administrator will investigate the matter.

- Let the Staff do their Job - It is acceptable for users to calmly and respectfully explain site rules and regulations to other users, but users are not staff of the site. Users are not allowed to belittle or demean another user for their actions. Staff members are here to deal with that. If a user is breaking a rule it should be reported. Users are not to police and will be punished for vigilantism against other users.​

2. No Erotic/Extreme Gore Content - To a point, keep things PG-13, if sex scene is needed just time skip over it or just go around it.

- Encouraging Erotic Content - Users must refrain from allowing erotic content within their roleplays. Users must also avoid instructing other users to conduct in erotic roleplaying off-site or in their private messages/conversations.

- Extreme Gore - We do not allow extreme descriptions of gore or violence. Users cannot post real-life photography of extreme gore or violence. Drawn extreme gore or violence can be posted, but must be placed in spoiler BBCode.​

3. No Illegal or Immoral Discussions - Users are not allowed to discuss or provide advice that is either illegal or immoral. Topics considered illegal or immoral can include, but are not limited to: piracy of copyrighted media, theft, selling illegal products, or threatening individuals or organizations.

- In-Character Behavior - Literary freedoms do exist when it comes to roleplaying. Characters can partake in illegal or immoral behavior when it doesn’t conflict with other site rules and is allowed by the creator of the roleplay. If roleplaying a character who is involved in illegal or immoral behavior as defined above, the user is expected to address the situation in a mature, respectful, and delicate manner. As an example, if a character is a drug addict and the creator of the roleplay allows it, they can imply the use of drugs or similar activities. However, users cannot discuss drugs out of character or give advice about such content to other users.

4. No Advertisements – Users are not allowed to advertise external websites or services with the intention of either personal gain or distracting from the community. This means: links that benefit the posting user, links that sell a product or service, or links that serve to gain a user-base on another website are considered advertising and will be removed.

- Admin Permission – A user can seek permission to have an external site affiliated with under Advertising Links. The website must be approved by Site Administrators.

- Reporting Advertisements - Users are advised to report any thread or post that appears to be advertising a product. Reporting can help moderators remove Spambots quickly and efficiently.​

5. No Ban Evasion - Users are expected to serve any punishment by the Staff to the punishment's completion. Users who are banned are expected to remain off the site until their ban has expired. Users who are discovered evading their ban will receive additional punishments to their account depending on the severity of the ban and the evasion. Any secondary account a user users to evade punishments will be removed from the site.

- Connected Punishments - Users are allowed to possess multiple accounts. However, such accounts are considered conjoined in terms of warnings and punishments. Users should not attempt to create new accounts as a means to avoid further punishments for repeated offenses.​

- Aiding a Banned User - Users who are not banned but are found helping a member evade being banned, such as letting that user utilize their own account to post, will also be punished.​

- Ban Appeals - Users who are banned from the site can appeal their bans to the Administration. Please see Ban Appeal Policy below.

6. Spam - Users should not post spam. Spam is defined as posting content in an area of the site where that content is not meant to be held. This can include but is not limited to: posting repeated images, flooding a thread or forum with posts, and posting forum games within the discussion forums. Threads or posts marked as spam will be either moved to the appropriate section or deleted by moderators.

- Be Wary of Flooding - When considering Spam, users should be wary of flooding a thread, forum or chatroom. Flooding is the action of creating multiple entries within a single area of the site in a short period of time. Users can flood forums by posting too many threads in one forum too frequently or without necessity, threads by posting too many posts in a single thread, and chat rooms by posting an unnecessary number of sentences or nonsense.

- Respectful Recruitment - Users should avoid posting threads involving/promoting their individual roleplays outside of the designated Recruitment Category. Recruitment and Interest Check threads posted in incorrect areas will be moved.
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Rules & Regulations (of sorts)
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